Welcome To IBMT

IBMT sets itself apart by adopting and facilitating a unique approach to the teaching and learning of business studies.

This approach applies a comprehensive global view and attitude towards the teaching and learning process of our business students that extends beyond traditional classroom. It encompasses the students’ overall academic learning and professional development (soft skills).

With an industry relevant curriculum and career exposure opportunities during their studies, it prepares our graduates for successful integration into professional world of business.

Besides gaining the necessary exposure in the real business world through internships with top corporations, our students participate in extra-curricular activities that include community services and entrepreneur skills. IBMT produces able graduates who are ready to compete not just nationally but also globally in the job market.
Of course, these are just theories until you go through them yourself. I know I did.

I welcome you to experience IBMT’s way.

Imam Wijoyo – Class of 1998

Chairman of IBMT International University

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